Lambi is a 100% Mexican manufacturer and marketer of disposable hygiene products. Their 20 year experience has given them the opportunity to grow and evolve within the Mexican market , positioning their brand throughout the Republic of Mexico. In 1995, they crossed borders and amplified their distribution to foreign countries. Now a day, their brand sells successfully across the United States, Central & South America and the Caribbean.

Their products are highly recognized due to the quality of their materials, their product design, the top-notch technology used and the excellent workmanship involved in its production. Likewise, they count on competitive prices, which have made Lambi the enterprise that offers the perfect balance in quality and price.   They have a broad range of disposable hygiene products.

With a huge experience in baby diapers, Lambi has many products and brands to satisfy the needs of every consumer in different segments.
Senior is the brand for incontinence protector pads specially designed to make you feel free and independent; providing a better quality of life, comprehension and solutions. It offers comfort and great performance, several levels of incontenence for active or pasive persons, provides commodity and security because of its anatomic design and high absorption level.