Who we are


We are a Honduran company and we are part of the prestigious SIMKA Group with more than 60 years in the market. DROMEINTER was founded in 1987, our main purpose is the nationwide marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical, and consumer products, among other services to our strategic allies, with independent organizational structures for each

line of business, which have more than 500 employees nationwide.

Our organizational structure allows a rapid and innovative response to the challenge: “Satisfy the demand of clients providing an excellent service to all customers and suppliers.”


“We are dedicated to the representation and distribution of high quality brands, providing full coverage at a national level. We guarantee an excellent service through the best human resource in the market, and our most important commitment is to optimally satisfy the demand and needs of our customers, suppliers and also of the community.”


“To become a company that goes beyond conventional business schemes and offer unique services and products to the market, constantly improving its productivity indicators to conserve a leader position as a nationwide distributor.”