Grupo Irex, a 100% Costa Rican company, with a certified Quality System ISO 9001:2008, since its beginnings has stressed the importance of its product developments to satisfy the needs of all our consumers. In its 55 years of existence, it has maintained a constant quality and innovation.

With processing plants in Costa Rica and El Salvador, they produce detergent IRex, Fort3, Abby and Orix, Irex Bleach, Blankita and Orix, Dishwasher Irex and Orix, Disinfectant Terror, Cylinders Irex and Orix and many more.

Grupo Irex owns the Del Tropico plant, in which canned products are produced under the brand names of Del Campo and Del Tropico, as well as Colados Agu. The technology that is used is reflected in its successful brands and constant innovation. An example of this is their new Fort3 with an aroma of Fresh Sensation and their new image.

Grupo Irex offers a variety of detergents developed with applied technology that allows adaptation to the needs of our clients, distinguished by their high quality and eco-friendly characteristics in their formulations and its packaging components.


Grupo Irex offers a broad range of products for home cleaning that are backed up by our compromise of providing high quality products.


Irex presents us Colados Agu, products made to satisfy the alimentary needs of your Baby starting from 6 months old. New Colados for babies made from 100% natural fruits without preservatives. AGU comes in 7 delicious flavors; apple, pear, peach, tropical fruits, banana, apple-pineapple and guava.


Alimentos  Del Tropico is an Irex brand that offers a variety of high quality combinations of flavorful jams and canned goods at an exceptional price.